LSD Flesh of Devil

LSD Flesh of Devil 1967

E.C.H.O., a secret organization with a strange name masterminds a bizarre plot to take over the world by dosing important `nerve centers' with super potent LSD. The only man who can stop them is Rex, a secret agent working for an undisclosed organization.

In letzter Minute

In letzter Minute 1939

A retired rail official and his wife Amalie purchase a disused railroad wagon to convert it into a villa in the countryside. One day, Amalie discovers 25,000 Marks hidden behind a picture in the rail car. The money was put there by a Dutch couple, who tried to smuggle the money across the border during the train’s last journey. Sorely tempted to keep the money, Amalie turns it over to the authorities. The smugglers, who finally find the rail car after a long search, will be turned over to the cops, too.

Kill Kapone

Kill Kapone 2014

Kill Kapone follows a gang member through the gritty alleys of East L.A. while getting chased all day by his own vicious gang.

Call Over the Air

Call Over the Air 1951

A smugglers gang is active on the Austrian-Swiss border. Until now, no one has come to their attention. But one day a little girl gets seriously ill and needs medical attention; the young operator will forget that he has to be careful and calls for help through the secret channel. (


Paapi 2013

The film is a story of a small town girl, Pia, who falls in an Internet trap. She falls in love with a friend, Rahul, whom she has never seen but met on Internet. The feeling between them grows and Rahul informs Piya that he'd be coming to Haridwar to meet her. Elated and blind in love, Pia gives her life and love to the boy. They get married and she dreams of a future with him only to be hard hit by reality that the man she gave her life to is not the Rahul she met on Internet. She is being duped and denied justice. Will Pia come out of this tragedy and stand up for herself, forms the rest of the story of the film.

Driven to Kill

Driven to Kill 1991

A biker gang rips off drug money from the mob, then a dentist and his nagging wife steal the money from the biker gang. Hilarity ensues.


Continental 1990

At the end of the 50s, after assassinating the legendary capo Goncalves and dividing their domains, Ventura and Otálora, rival and old friends, fight with their bands for the control of prostitution and contraband. Anabel, Ventura's favorite prostitute and her young lover, will live their passion among the violence that surrounds the port city.

West End

West End 2014

Vic Trevi is an undercover FBI agent positioned to betray the people he calls family. Vic needs to find out the truth about his family before his family finds out the truth about him.